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LOCALE_LANGUAGE_NEGOTIATION_USERdrupal/includes/locale.incThe language is set based on the user language settings.
MAIL_LINE_ENDINGSdrupal/includes/mail.incAuto-detect appropriate line endings for e-mails.
MAINTENANCE_MODEdrupal/authorize.phpGlobal flag to identify update.php and authorize.php runs, and so avoid various unwanted operations, such as hook_init() and hook_exit() invokes, css/js preprocessing and translation, and solve some theming issues. This flag is checked on several…
MAINTENANCE_MODEdrupal/install.phpGlobal flag to indicate that site is in installation mode.
MAINTENANCE_MODEdrupal/update.phpGlobal flag indicating that update.php is being run.
MARK_NEWdrupal/includes/theme.incMark content as being new.
MARK_READdrupal/includes/theme.incMark content as read.
MARK_UPDATEDdrupal/includes/theme.incMark content as being updated.
MENU_ACCESS_DENIEDdrupal/includes/menu.incInternal menu status code -- Menu item access is denied.
MENU_CALLBACKdrupal/includes/menu.incMenu type -- A hidden, internal callback, typically used for API calls.
MENU_CONTEXT_INLINEdrupal/includes/menu.incInternal menu flag: Local task should be displayed inline.
MENU_CONTEXT_NONEdrupal/includes/menu.incInternal menu flag: Invisible local task.
MENU_CONTEXT_PAGEdrupal/includes/menu.incInternal menu flag: Local task should be displayed in page context.
MENU_CREATED_BY_ADMINdrupal/includes/menu.incInternal menu flag -- menu item was created by administrator.
MENU_DEFAULT_LOCAL_TASKdrupal/includes/menu.incMenu type -- The "default" local task, which is initially active.
MENU_FOUNDdrupal/includes/menu.incInternal menu status code -- Menu item was found.
MENU_IS_LOCAL_ACTIONdrupal/includes/menu.incInternal menu flag -- menu item is a local action.
MENU_IS_LOCAL_TASKdrupal/includes/menu.incInternal menu flag -- menu item is a local task.
MENU_IS_ROOTdrupal/includes/menu.incInternal menu flag -- menu item is the root of the menu tree.
MENU_LINKS_TO_PARENTdrupal/includes/menu.incInternal menu flag -- menu item links back to its parent.
MENU_LOCAL_ACTIONdrupal/includes/menu.incMenu type -- An action specific to the parent, usually rendered as a link.
MENU_LOCAL_TASKdrupal/includes/menu.incMenu type -- A task specific to the parent item, usually rendered as a tab.
MENU_MAX_DEPTHdrupal/includes/menu.incThe maximum depth of a menu links tree - matches the number of p columns.
MENU_MAX_MENU_NAME_LENGTH_UIdrupal/modules/menu/menu.moduleMaximum length of menu name as entered by the user. Database length is 32 and we add a menu- prefix.
MENU_MAX_PARTSdrupal/includes/menu.incThe maximum number of path elements for a menu callback
MENU_MODIFIED_BY_ADMINdrupal/includes/menu.incInternal menu flag -- menu item can be modified by administrator.
MENU_NORMAL_ITEMdrupal/includes/menu.incMenu type -- A "normal" menu item that's shown in menu and breadcrumbs.
MENU_NOT_FOUNDdrupal/includes/menu.incInternal menu status code -- Menu item was not found.
MENU_SITE_OFFLINEdrupal/includes/menu.incInternal menu status code -- Menu item inaccessible because site is offline.
MENU_SITE_ONLINEdrupal/includes/menu.incInternal menu status code -- Everything is working fine.
MENU_SUGGESTED_ITEMdrupal/includes/menu.incMenu type -- A normal menu item, hidden until enabled by an administrator.
MENU_VISIBLE_IN_BREADCRUMBdrupal/includes/menu.incInternal menu flag -- menu item is visible in the breadcrumb.
MENU_VISIBLE_IN_TREEdrupal/includes/menu.incInternal menu flag -- menu item is visible in the menu tree.
MM_TO_CMubercart/uc_store/uc_store.moduleConverts millimeters to centimeters.
MM_TO_FTubercart/uc_store/uc_store.moduleConverts millimeters to feet.
MM_TO_INubercart/uc_store/uc_store.moduleConverts millimeters to inches.
MM_TO_MMubercart/uc_store/uc_store.moduleConverts millimeters to millimeters.
NODE_ACCESS_ALLOWdrupal/modules/node/node.moduleModules should return this value from hook_node_access() to allow access to a node.
NODE_ACCESS_DENYdrupal/modules/node/node.moduleModules should return this value from hook_node_access() to deny access to a node.
NODE_ACCESS_IGNOREdrupal/modules/node/node.moduleModules should return this value from hook_node_access() to not affect node access.
NODE_NEW_LIMITdrupal/modules/node/node.moduleNodes changed before this time are always marked as read.
NODE_NOT_PROMOTEDdrupal/modules/node/node.moduleNode is not promoted to front page.
NODE_NOT_PUBLISHEDdrupal/modules/node/node.moduleNode is not published.
NODE_NOT_STICKYdrupal/modules/node/node.moduleNode is not sticky at top of the page.
NODE_PROMOTEDdrupal/modules/node/node.moduleNode is promoted to front page.
NODE_PUBLISHEDdrupal/modules/node/node.moduleNode is published.
NODE_STICKYdrupal/modules/node/node.moduleNode is sticky at top of the page.
OPENID_DH_DEFAULT_GENdrupal/modules/openid/openid.incDiffie-Hellman generator; used for Diffie-Hellman key exchange computations.
OPENID_DH_DEFAULT_MODdrupal/modules/openid/openid.incDiffie-Hellman Key Exchange Default Value.
OPENID_NS_1_0drupal/modules/openid/openid.incOpenID Authentication 1.0 namespace URL; used for backwards-compatibility.