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Logging severity levels

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Logging severity levels as defined in RFC 3164.

The WATCHDOG_* constant definitions correspond to the logging severity levels defined in RFC 3164, section 4.1.1. PHP supplies predefined LOG_* constants for use in the syslog() function, but their values on Windows builds do not correspond to RFC 3164. The associated PHP bug report was closed with the comment, "And it's also not a bug, as Windows just have less log levels," and "So the behavior you're seeing is perfectly normal."

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Functions & methods

DBLogTestCase::getSeverityConstantGet the watchdog severity constant corresponding to the CSS class.
dblog_overviewMenu callback; displays a listing of log messages.
drupal_error_levelsMap PHP error constants to watchdog severity levels. The error constants are documented at
watchdog_severity_levelsSeverity levels, as defined in RFC 3164:


WATCHDOG_ALERTLog message severity -- Alert: action must be taken immediately.
WATCHDOG_CRITICALLog message severity -- Critical: critical conditions.
WATCHDOG_DEBUGLog message severity -- Debug: debug-level messages.
WATCHDOG_EMERGENCYLog message severity -- Emergency: system is unusable.
WATCHDOG_ERRORLog message severity -- Error: error conditions.
WATCHDOG_INFOLog message severity -- Informational: informational messages.
WATCHDOG_NOTICELog message severity -- Notice: normal but significant condition.
WATCHDOG_WARNINGLog message severity -- Warning: warning conditions.


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