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7 archiver_get_archiver($file)

Create the appropriate archiver for the specified file.


$file: The full path of the archive file. Note that stream wrapper paths are supported, but not remote ones.

Return value

A newly created instance of the archiver class appropriate for the specified file, already bound to that file. If no appropriate archiver class was found, will return FALSE.

1 call to archiver_get_archiver()


drupal/includes/, line 7780
Common functions that many Drupal modules will need to reference.


function archiver_get_archiver($file) {
  // Archivers can only work on local paths
  $filepath = drupal_realpath($file);
  if (!is_file($filepath)) {
    throw new Exception(t('Archivers can only operate on local files: %file not supported', array('%file' => $file)));
  $archiver_info = archiver_get_info();

  foreach ($archiver_info as $implementation) {
    foreach ($implementation['extensions'] as $extension) {
      // Because extensions may be multi-part, such as .tar.gz,
      // we cannot use simpler approaches like substr() or pathinfo().
      // This method isn't quite as clean but gets the job done.
      // Also note that the file may not yet exist, so we cannot rely
      // on fileinfo() or other disk-level utilities.
      if (strrpos($filepath, '.' . $extension) === strlen($filepath) - strlen('.' . $extension)) {
        return new $implementation['class']($filepath);