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7 drupal_set_page_content($content = NULL)

Set the main page content value for later use.

Given the nature of the Drupal page handling, this will be called once with a string or array. We store that and return it later as the block is being displayed.


$content: A string or renderable array representing the body of the page.

Return value

If called without $content, a renderable array representing the body of the page.

5 calls to drupal_set_page_content()


drupal/includes/, line 5204
Common functions that many Drupal modules will need to reference.


function drupal_set_page_content($content = NULL) {
  $content_block = &drupal_static(__FUNCTION__, NULL);
  $main_content_display = &drupal_static('system_main_content_added', FALSE);

  if (!empty($content)) {
    $content_block = (is_array($content) ? $content : array('main' => array('#markup' => $content)));
  else {
    // Indicate that the main content has been requested. We assume that
    // the module requesting the content will be adding it to the page.
    // A module can indicate that it does not handle the content by setting
    // the static variable back to FALSE after calling this function.
    $main_content_display = TRUE;
    return $content_block;