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7 element_set_attributes(array &$element, array $map)

Sets HTML attributes based on element properties.


$element: The renderable element to process.

$map: An associative array whose keys are element property names and whose values are the HTML attribute names to set for corresponding the property; e.g., array('#propertyname' => 'attributename'). If both names are identical except for the leading '#', then an attribute name value is sufficient and no property name needs to be specified.

12 calls to element_set_attributes()


drupal/includes/, line 6199
Common functions that many Drupal modules will need to reference.


function element_set_attributes(array &$element, array $map) {
  foreach ($map as $property => $attribute) {
    // If the key is numeric, the attribute name needs to be taken over.
    if (is_int($property)) {
      $property = '#' . $attribute;
    // Do not overwrite already existing attributes.
    if (isset($element[$property]) && !isset($element['#attributes'][$attribute])) {
      $element['#attributes'][$attribute] = $element[$property];