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7 entity_form_field_validate($entity_type, $form, &$form_state)

Helper function for attaching field API validation to entity forms.

7 calls to entity_form_field_validate()


drupal/includes/, line 7633
Common functions that many Drupal modules will need to reference.


function entity_form_field_validate($entity_type, $form, &$form_state) {
  // All field attach API functions act on an entity object, but during form
  // validation, we don't have one. $form_state contains the entity as it was
  // prior to processing the current form submission, and we must not update it
  // until we have fully validated the submitted input. Therefore, for
  // validation, act on a pseudo entity created out of the form values.
  $pseudo_entity = (object) $form_state['values'];
  field_attach_form_validate($entity_type, $pseudo_entity, $form, $form_state);