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7 public DatabaseConnection_pgsql::mapConditionOperator($operator)

Gets any special processing requirements for the condition operator.

Some condition types require special processing, such as IN, because the value data they pass in is not a simple value. This is a simple overridable lookup function. Database connections should define only those operators they wish to be handled differently than the default.


$operator: The condition operator, such as "IN", "BETWEEN", etc. Case-sensitive.

Return value

The extra handling directives for the specified operator, or NULL.

Overrides DatabaseConnection::mapConditionOperator

See also



drupal/includes/database/pgsql/, line 141
Database interface code for PostgreSQL database servers.


public function mapConditionOperator($operator) {
  static $specials;

  // Function calls not allowed in static declarations, thus this method.
  if (!isset($specials)) {
    $specials = array(
      // In PostgreSQL, 'LIKE' is case-sensitive. For case-insensitive LIKE
      // statements, we need to use ILIKE instead.
      'LIKE' => array('operator' => 'ILIKE'), 
      'NOT LIKE' => array('operator' => 'NOT ILIKE'),

  return isset($specials[$operator]) ? $specials[$operator] : NULL;