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  1. drupal
    1. 7 drupal/includes/database/sqlite/

SQLite specific implementation of DeleteQuery.

When the WHERE is omitted from a DELETE statement and the table being deleted has no triggers, SQLite uses an optimization to erase the entire table content without having to visit each row of the table individually.

Prior to SQLite 3.6.5, SQLite does not return the actual number of rows deleted by that optimized "truncate" optimization.



drupal/includes/database/sqlite/, line 130
Query code for SQLite embedded database engine.

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class DeleteQuery_sqlite extends DeleteQuery {
  public function execute() {
    if (!count($this->condition)) {
      $total_rows = $this->connection->query('SELECT COUNT(*) FROM {' . $this->connection->escapeTable($this->table) . '}')->fetchField();
      return $total_rows;
    else {
      return parent::execute();

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