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7 drupal_error_levels()

Map PHP error constants to watchdog severity levels. The error constants are documented at

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drupal/includes/, line 30
Functions for error handling


function drupal_error_levels() {
  $types = array(
    E_ERROR => array('Error', WATCHDOG_ERROR), 
    E_WARNING => array('Warning', WATCHDOG_WARNING), 
    E_PARSE => array('Parse error', WATCHDOG_ERROR), 
    E_NOTICE => array('Notice', WATCHDOG_NOTICE), 
    E_CORE_ERROR => array('Core error', WATCHDOG_ERROR), 
    E_CORE_WARNING => array('Core warning', WATCHDOG_WARNING), 
    E_COMPILE_ERROR => array('Compile error', WATCHDOG_ERROR), 
    E_COMPILE_WARNING => array('Compile warning', WATCHDOG_WARNING), 
    E_USER_ERROR => array('User error', WATCHDOG_ERROR), 
    E_USER_WARNING => array('User warning', WATCHDOG_WARNING), 
    E_USER_NOTICE => array('User notice', WATCHDOG_NOTICE), 
    E_STRICT => array('Strict warning', WATCHDOG_DEBUG), 
    E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR => array('Recoverable fatal error', WATCHDOG_ERROR),
  // E_DEPRECATED and E_USER_DEPRECATED were added in PHP 5.3.0.
  if (defined('E_DEPRECATED')) {
    $types[E_DEPRECATED] = array('Deprecated function', WATCHDOG_DEBUG);
    $types[E_USER_DEPRECATED] = array('User deprecated function', WATCHDOG_DEBUG);
  return $types;