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Form builder functions

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Functions that build an abstract representation of a HTML form.

All modules should declare their form builder functions to be in this group and each builder function should reference its validate and submit functions using @see. Conversely, validate and submit functions should reference the form builder function using @see. For examples, of this see system_modules_uninstall() or user_pass(), the latter of which has the following in its doxygen documentation:

@ingroup forms @see user_pass_validate(). @see user_pass_submit().

End of "defgroup forms".

Functions & methods

aggregator_admin_formForm builder; Configure the aggregator system.
aggregator_categorize_itemsForm builder; build the page list form.
aggregator_form_categoryForm builder; Generate a form to add/edit/delete aggregator categories.
aggregator_form_feedForm builder; Generate a form to add/edit feed sources.
aggregator_form_opmlForm builder; Generate a form to import feeds from OPML.
block_add_block_formForm builder for the add block form.
block_admin_configureForm builder for the block configuration form.
block_admin_display_formForm builder for the main blocks administration form.
book_admin_settingsBuilds and returns the book settings form.
book_outline_formBuild the form to handle all book outline operations via the outline tab.
book_remove_formMenu callback; builds a form to confirm removal of a node from the book.
comment_admin_overviewForm builder for the comment overview administration form.
comment_confirm_deleteForm builder; Builds the confirmation form for deleting a single comment.
comment_formGenerate the basic commenting form, for appending to a node or display on a separate page.
comment_multiple_delete_confirmList the selected comments and verify that the admin wants to delete them.
comment_unpublish_by_keyword_action_formForm builder; Prepare a form for blacklisted keywords.
dblog_clear_log_formReturn form for dblog clear button.
dblog_filter_formReturn form for dblog administration filters.
filter_admin_disableMenu callback; confirm deletion of a format.
filter_admin_format_formGenerate a text format form.
filter_admin_overviewMenu callback; Displays a list of all text formats and allows them to be rearranged.
forum_form_containerReturns a form for adding a container to the forum vocabulary
forum_form_forumReturns a form for adding a forum to the forum vocabulary
image_effect_delete_formForm builder; Form for deleting an image effect.
image_effect_formForm builder; Form for adding and editing image effects.
image_style_add_formForm builder; Form for adding a new image style.
image_style_delete_formForm builder; Form for deleting an image style.
image_style_formForm builder; Edit an image style name and effects order.
locale_language_selector_formForm builder callback to display language selection widget.
locale_translation_filter_formReturn form for locale translation filters.
node_type_formForm constructor for the node type editing form.
openid_user_addForm builder; Add an OpenID identity.
path_admin_filter_formReturn a form to filter URL aliases.
path_admin_formReturn a form for editing or creating an individual URL alias.
poll_cancel_formBuilds the cancel form for a poll.
poll_view_votingGenerates the voting form for a poll.
profile_admin_overviewForm builder to display a listing of all editable profile fields.
profile_field_formMenu callback: Generate a form to add/edit a user profile field.
search_admin_settingsMenu callback: displays the search module settings page.
search_boxForm builder; Output a search form for the search block's search box.
shortcut_link_addForm callback: builds the form for adding a new shortcut link.
shortcut_link_deleteForm callback: builds the confirmation form for deleting a shortcut link.
shortcut_link_editForm callback: builds the form for editing a shortcut link.
shortcut_set_add_formForm callback: builds the form for adding a shortcut set.
shortcut_set_customizeForm callback: builds the form for customizing shortcut sets.
shortcut_set_delete_formForm callback: builds the confirmation form for deleting a shortcut set.
shortcut_set_edit_formForm callback: builds the form for editing the shortcut set name.
shortcut_set_switchForm callback: builds the form for switching shortcut sets.
statistics_settings_formForm builder; Configure access logging.
system_actions_delete_formCreate the form for confirmation of deleting an action.
system_actions_manage_formDefine the form for the actions overview page.
system_add_date_format_type_formAdd new date type.
system_clean_url_settingsForm builder; Configure clean URL settings.
system_clear_cache_submitSubmit callback; clear system caches.
system_clear_page_cache_submitSubmit callback; clear the page cache.
system_cron_settingsForm builder; Cron form.
system_date_time_settingsForm builder; Configure the site date and time settings.
system_file_system_settingsForm builder; Configure the site file handling.
system_image_toolkit_settingsForm builder; Configure site image toolkit usage.
system_ip_blocking_formDefine the form for blocking IP addresses.
system_logging_settingsForm builder; Configure error reporting settings.
system_modulesMenu callback; provides module enable/disable interface.
system_modules_confirm_formDisplay confirmation form for required modules.
system_modules_uninstallBuilds a form of currently disabled modules.
system_modules_uninstall_confirm_formConfirm uninstall of selected modules.
system_performance_settingsForm builder; Configure site performance settings.
system_regional_settingsForm builder; Configure the site regional settings.
system_rss_feeds_settingsForm builder; Configure how the site handles RSS feeds.
system_run_cron_submitSubmit callback; run cron.
system_settings_formAdd default buttons to a form and set its prefix.
system_site_information_settingsForm builder; The general site information form.
system_site_maintenance_modeForm builder; Configure the site's maintenance status.
system_themes_admin_formForm to select the administration theme.
system_theme_settingsForm builder; display theme configuration for entire site and individual themes.
taxonomy_form_termForm function for the term edit form.
taxonomy_form_vocabularyForm builder for the vocabulary editing form.
taxonomy_overview_termsForm builder for the taxonomy terms overview.
taxonomy_overview_vocabulariesForm builder to list and manage vocabularies.
taxonomy_term_confirm_deleteForm builder for the term delete form.
taxonomy_vocabulary_confirm_deleteForm builder for the vocabulary delete confirmation form.
taxonomy_vocabulary_confirm_reset_alphabeticalForm builder to confirm resetting a vocabulary to alphabetical order.
trigger_unassignConfirm removal of an assigned action.
uc_attribute_formForm builder for product attributes.
uc_attribute_options_formDisplays options and the modifications to products they represent.
uc_attribute_option_formForm builder for attribute options.
uc_cart_cart_settings_formGeneral settings for the shopping cart.
uc_cart_checkout_formThe checkout form built up from the enabled checkout panes.
uc_cart_checkout_review_formGives customers the option to finish checkout or go revise their information.
uc_cart_checkout_settings_formGeneral checkout settings.
uc_cart_links_settings_formDefines a form to configure the Cart Links settings.
uc_cart_pane_quotesCart pane callback.
uc_cart_view_formDisplays the contents of the customer's cart.
uc_catalog_buy_it_now_formForm builder for uc_catalog_buy_it_now_form().
uc_catalog_settings_formCatalog settings form.
uc_country_formats_formForm builder to set country address formats.
uc_country_import_formImports settings from a country file.
uc_country_remove_formForm to completely remove a country.
uc_file_admin_files_formForm builder for file products admin.
uc_file_admin_files_form_actionPerforms file action (upload, delete, hooked in actions).
uc_file_admin_files_form_show_filesDisplays all files that may be purchased and downloaded for administration.
uc_file_feature_formForm builder for hook_uc_product_feature.
uc_file_feature_settingsForm builder for file settings.
uc_flatrate_admin_method_confirm_deleteConfirms deletion of a flat rate shipping method.
uc_flatrate_admin_method_edit_formConfigures the store default product shipping rates.
uc_object_attributes_formForm to associate attributes with products or classes.
uc_object_options_formForm to assign and modify attribute options on products or classes.
uc_order_address_book_formPresents previously entered addresses as selectable options.
uc_order_add_product_formSets the quantity and attributes of a product added to the order.
uc_order_create_formCreates a new order and redirect to its edit screen.
uc_order_create_form_create_submitForm submission handler for customer search.
uc_order_create_form_create_validateForm validation handler for customer search.
uc_order_delete_confirm_formConfirmation form to delete an order.
uc_order_edit_formDisplays the order edit screen, constructed via hook_uc_order_pane().
uc_order_mail_invoice_formSets recipients of an invoice, then mails it.
uc_order_product_select_formForm to choose a product to add to the order.
uc_order_select_customer_formForm to choose a customer from a list.
uc_order_settings_formGenerates the settings form for orders.
uc_order_status_create_formPresents the form to create a custom order status.
uc_order_view_update_formForm to save order comments and update the order status.
uc_order_workflow_formDisplays the order workflow form for order state and status customization.
uc_payment_by_order_formDisplays a list of payments attached to an order.
uc_payment_delete_confirm_formConfirmation form to delete a payment from an order.
uc_payment_method_cod_formCollect additional information for the "Cash on Delivery" payment method.
uc_payment_pack_receive_check_formReceives a check for an order and put in a clear date.
uc_product_add_to_cart_formForm to add the $node product to the cart.
uc_product_adjustments_formForm builder: associate option combinations with a product variant's SKU.
uc_product_class_formForm builder for product classes.
uc_product_feature_add_formAdds the form for adding a product feature to the features tab.
uc_product_feature_confirm_deleteConfirmation form to delete a product feature.
uc_product_feature_formReturns a form array with some default hidden values and submit button.
uc_product_formImplements hook_form().
uc_product_kit_add_to_cart_formLets the cart know how many of which products are included in a kit.
uc_product_kit_buy_it_now_formAdd-to-cart button with any extra fields.
uc_product_kit_formImplements hook_form().
uc_product_settings_formForm to change product settings.
uc_quote_admin_settingsDefault shipping settings.
uc_quote_method_settingsSettings for the shipping quote methods.
uc_reports_products_custom_formForm builder for the custom product report.
uc_reports_sales_custom_formForm builder for the custom sales report.
uc_reports_sales_year_formForm to specify a year for the yearly sales report.
uc_roles_deletion_formForm builder for role deletions.
uc_roles_feature_formForm builder for hook_uc_product_feature().
uc_roles_feature_settingsForm builder for role settings.
uc_shipping_address_formHelper function for addresses in forms.
uc_shipping_new_packagePuts ordered products into a package.
uc_shipping_new_shipmentSets up a new shipment with the chosen packages.
uc_shipping_package_cancel_confirmConfirms cancellation of a package's shipment.
uc_shipping_package_delete_confirmDecides to unpackage products.
uc_shipping_package_editRearranges the products in or out of a package.
uc_shipping_shipment_delete_confirmDecides to release packages to be put on another shipment.
uc_shipping_shipment_editCreates or edits a shipment.
uc_stock_edit_formForm builder for product stock edit form.
uc_stock_report_formForm builder for stock report threshold filter.
uc_stock_settings_formForm builder for stock settings form.
uc_store_address_fields_formForm to configure address fields.
uc_store_settings_formForm builder for store settings.
uc_taxes_delete_formDeletes a tax rule.
uc_taxes_formBuilds a form to add or edit a tax rate.
uc_tax_report_params_formForm for parameters on the tax report.
uc_ups_admin_settingsUPS Online Tool settings.
uc_ups_confirm_shipmentLast chance for user to review shipment.
uc_ups_fulfill_orderShipment creation callback.
uc_usps_admin_settingsConfigures USPS settings.
uc_weightquote_admin_method_confirm_deleteConfirms deletion of a weight-based shipping method.
uc_weightquote_admin_method_edit_formConfigures the store default product shipping rates.
user_admin_accountForm builder; User administration page.
user_admin_permissionsMenu callback: administer permissions.
user_admin_roleForm to configure a single role.
user_admin_rolesForm to re-order roles or add a new one.
user_admin_settingsForm builder; Configure user settings for this site.
user_cancel_confirm_formForm builder; confirm form for cancelling user account.
user_filter_formForm builder; Return form for user administration filters.
user_loginForm builder; the main user login form.
user_passForm builder; Request a password reset.
user_profile_formForm builder; edit a user account or one of their profile categories.
user_register_formForm builder; the user registration form.


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