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Language negotiation options

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Functions for language negotiation.

There are functions that provide the ability to identify the language. This behavior can be controlled by various options.

Functions & methods

locale_language_from_browserIdentify language from the Accept-language HTTP header we got.
locale_language_from_interfaceIdentifies the language from the current interface language.
locale_language_from_sessionIdentify language from a request/session parameter.
locale_language_from_urlIdentify language via URL prefix or domain.
locale_language_from_userIdentify language from the user preferences.
locale_language_switcher_sessionReturn the session language switcher block.
locale_language_switcher_urlReturn the URL language switcher block. Translation links may be provided by other modules.
locale_language_url_fallbackDetermines the language to be assigned to URLs when none is detected.
locale_language_url_rewrite_sessionRewrite URLs for the Session language provider.
locale_language_url_rewrite_urlRewrite URLs for the URL language provider.


drupal/includes/, line 69
Administration functions for locale.module.