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7 aggregator.api.php hook_aggregator_fetch($feed)

Implement this hook to create an alternative fetcher for aggregator module.

A fetcher downloads feed data to a Drupal site. The fetcher is called at the first of the three aggregation stages: data is downloaded by the active fetcher, it is converted to a common format by the active parser and finally, it is passed to all active processors which manipulate or store the data.

Modules that define this hook can be set as active fetcher on admin/config/services/aggregator. Only one fetcher can be active at a time.


$feed: The $feed object that describes the resource to be downloaded. $feed->url contains the link to the feed. Download the data at the URL and expose it to other modules by attaching it to $feed->source_string.

Return value

TRUE if fetching was successful, FALSE otherwise.

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drupal/modules/aggregator/aggregator.api.php, line 39
Documentation for aggregator API.


function hook_aggregator_fetch($feed) {
  $feed->source_string = mymodule_fetch($feed->url);