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    1. 7 drupal/modules/simpletest/drupal_web_test_case.php

Test case for Drupal unit tests.

These tests can not access the database nor files. Calling any Drupal function that needs the database will throw exceptions. These include watchdog(), module_implements(), module_invoke_all() etc.



DrupalTestCase::$assertionsAssertions thrown in that test case.
DrupalTestCase::$databasePrefixThe database prefix of this test run.
DrupalTestCase::$originalFileDirectoryThe original file directory, before it was changed for testing purposes.
DrupalTestCase::$resultsCurrent results of this test case.
DrupalTestCase::$skipClassesThis class is skipped when looking for the source of an assertion.
DrupalTestCase::$testIdThe test run ID.
DrupalTestCase::$timeLimitTime limit for the test.

Functions & methods

DrupalTestCase::assertInternal helper: stores the assert.
DrupalTestCase::assertEqualCheck to see if two values are equal.
DrupalTestCase::assertFalseCheck to see if a value is false (an empty string, 0, NULL, or FALSE).
DrupalTestCase::assertIdenticalCheck to see if two values are identical.
DrupalTestCase::assertNotEqualCheck to see if two values are not equal.
DrupalTestCase::assertNotIdenticalCheck to see if two values are not identical.
DrupalTestCase::assertNotNullCheck to see if a value is not NULL.
DrupalTestCase::assertNullCheck to see if a value is NULL.
DrupalTestCase::assertTrueCheck to see if a value is not false (not an empty string, 0, NULL, or FALSE).
DrupalTestCase::deleteAssertDelete an assertion record by message ID.
DrupalTestCase::errorFire an error assertion.
DrupalTestCase::errorHandlerHandle errors during test runs.
DrupalTestCase::exceptionHandlerHandle exceptions.
DrupalTestCase::failFire an assertion that is always negative.
DrupalTestCase::generatePermutationsConverts a list of possible parameters into a stack of permutations.
DrupalTestCase::getAssertionCallCycles through backtrace until the first non-assertion method is found.
DrupalTestCase::insertAssertStore an assertion from outside the testing context.
DrupalTestCase::passFire an assertion that is always positive.
DrupalTestCase::randomNameGenerates a random string containing letters and numbers.
DrupalTestCase::randomStringGenerates a random string of ASCII characters of codes 32 to 126.
DrupalTestCase::runRun all tests in this class.
DrupalTestCase::verboseLogs verbose message in a text file.
DrupalUnitTestCase::setUpSets up unit test environment.
DrupalUnitTestCase::__constructConstructor for DrupalUnitTestCase. Overrides DrupalTestCase::__construct


drupal/modules/simpletest/drupal_web_test_case.php, line 638

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class DrupalUnitTestCase extends DrupalTestCase {

   * Constructor for DrupalUnitTestCase.
  function __construct($test_id = NULL) {
    $this->skipClasses[__CLASS__] = TRUE;

   * Sets up unit test environment.
   * Unlike DrupalWebTestCase::setUp(), DrupalUnitTestCase::setUp() does not
   * install modules because tests are performed without accessing the database.
   * Any required files must be explicitly included by the child class setUp()
   * method.
  protected function setUp() {
    global $conf;

    // Store necessary current values before switching to the test environment.
    $this->originalFileDirectory = variable_get('file_public_path', conf_path() . '/files');

    // Reset all statics so that test is performed with a clean environment.

    // Generate temporary prefixed database to ensure that tests have a clean starting point.
    $this->databasePrefix = Database::getConnection()->prefixTables('{simpletest' . mt_rand(1000, 1000000) . '}');

    // Create test directory.
    $public_files_directory = $this->originalFileDirectory . '/simpletest/' . substr($this->databasePrefix, 10);
    file_prepare_directory($public_files_directory, FILE_CREATE_DIRECTORY | FILE_MODIFY_PERMISSIONS);
    $conf['file_public_path'] = $public_files_directory;

    // Clone the current connection and replace the current prefix.
    $connection_info = Database::getConnectionInfo('default');
    Database::renameConnection('default', 'simpletest_original_default');
    foreach ($connection_info as $target => $value) {
      $connection_info[$target]['prefix'] = array(
        'default' => $value['prefix']['default'] . $this->databasePrefix,
    Database::addConnectionInfo('default', 'default', $connection_info['default']);

    // Set user agent to be consistent with web test case.
    $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] = $this->databasePrefix;

    // If locale is enabled then t() will try to access the database and
    // subsequently will fail as the database is not accessible.
    $module_list = module_list();
    if (isset($module_list['locale'])) {
      $this->originalModuleList = $module_list;
      module_list(TRUE, FALSE, FALSE, $module_list);

  protected function tearDown() {
    global $conf;

    // Get back to the original connection.
    Database::renameConnection('simpletest_original_default', 'default');

    $conf['file_public_path'] = $this->originalFileDirectory;
    // Restore modules if necessary.
    if (isset($this->originalModuleList)) {
      module_list(TRUE, FALSE, FALSE, $this->originalModuleList);