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Tests for the format_date() function.


Functions & methods

DrupalAttributesUnitTest::testDrupalAttributesTests that drupal_html_class() cleans the class name properly.
DrupalTestCase::assertInternal helper: stores the assert.
DrupalTestCase::assertEqualCheck to see if two values are equal.
DrupalTestCase::assertFalseCheck to see if a value is false (an empty string, 0, NULL, or FALSE).
DrupalTestCase::assertIdenticalCheck to see if two values are identical.
DrupalTestCase::assertNotEqualCheck to see if two values are not equal.
DrupalTestCase::assertNotIdenticalCheck to see if two values are not identical.
DrupalTestCase::assertNotNullCheck to see if a value is not NULL.
DrupalTestCase::assertNullCheck to see if a value is NULL.
DrupalTestCase::assertTrueCheck to see if a value is not false (not an empty string, 0, NULL, or FALSE).
DrupalTestCase::deleteAssertDelete an assertion record by message ID.
DrupalTestCase::errorFire an error assertion.
DrupalTestCase::errorHandlerHandle errors during test runs.
DrupalTestCase::exceptionHandlerHandle exceptions.
DrupalTestCase::failFire an assertion that is always negative.
DrupalTestCase::generatePermutationsConverts a list of possible parameters into a stack of permutations.
DrupalTestCase::getAssertionCallCycles through backtrace until the first non-assertion method is found.
DrupalTestCase::insertAssertStore an assertion from outside the testing context.
DrupalTestCase::passFire an assertion that is always positive.
DrupalTestCase::randomNameGenerates a random string containing letters and numbers.
DrupalTestCase::randomStringGenerates a random string of ASCII characters of codes 32 to 126.
DrupalTestCase::runRun all tests in this class.
DrupalTestCase::verboseLogs verbose message in a text file.
DrupalUnitTestCase::setUpSets up unit test environment.
DrupalUnitTestCase::__constructConstructor for DrupalUnitTestCase. Overrides DrupalTestCase::__construct


DrupalTestCase::$assertionsAssertions thrown in that test case.
DrupalTestCase::$databasePrefixThe database prefix of this test run.
DrupalTestCase::$originalFileDirectoryThe original file directory, before it was changed for testing purposes.
DrupalTestCase::$resultsCurrent results of this test case.
DrupalTestCase::$skipClassesThis class is skipped when looking for the source of an assertion.
DrupalTestCase::$testIdThe test run ID.
DrupalTestCase::$timeLimitTime limit for the test.


drupal/modules/simpletest/tests/common.test, line 2260
Tests for functionality.

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class DrupalAttributesUnitTest extends DrupalUnitTestCase {
  public static function getInfo() {
    return array(
      'name' => 'HTML Attributes', 
      'description' => 'Perform unit tests on the drupal_attributes() function.', 
      'group' => 'System',

   * Tests that drupal_html_class() cleans the class name properly.
  function testDrupalAttributes() {
    // Verify that special characters are HTML encoded.
    $this->assertIdentical(drupal_attributes(array('title' => '&"\'<>')), ' title="&amp;&quot;&#039;&lt;&gt;"', t('HTML encode attribute values.'));

    // Verify multi-value attributes are concatenated with spaces.
    $attributes = array('class' => array('first', 'last'));
    $this->assertIdentical(drupal_attributes(array('class' => array('first', 'last'))), ' class="first last"', t('Concatenate multi-value attributes.'));

    // Verify empty attribute values are rendered.
    $this->assertIdentical(drupal_attributes(array('alt' => '')), ' alt=""', t('Empty attribute value #1.'));
    $this->assertIdentical(drupal_attributes(array('alt' => NULL)), ' alt=""', t('Empty attribute value #2.'));

    // Verify multiple attributes are rendered.
    $attributes = array(
      'id' => 'id-test', 
      'class' => array('first', 'last'), 
      'alt' => 'Alternate',
    $this->assertIdentical(drupal_attributes($attributes), ' id="id-test" class="first last" alt="Alternate"', t('Multiple attributes.'));

    // Verify empty attributes array is rendered.
    $this->assertIdentical(drupal_attributes(array()), '', t('Empty attributes array.'));