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drupal/includes/errors.incFunctions for error handling
drupal/includes/file.incAPI for handling file uploads and server file management.
drupal/includes/file.mimetypes.incProvides mimetype mappings.
drupal/includes/graph.incDirected acyclic graph functions.
drupal/includes/image.incAPI for manipulating images.
drupal/includes/install.core.incAPI functions for installing Drupal.
drupal/includes/iso.incProvides a list of countries and languages based on ISO standards.
drupal/includes/language.incMultiple language handling functionality.
drupal/includes/locale.incAdministration functions for locale.module.
drupal/includes/lock.incA database-mediated implementation of a locking mechanism.
drupal/includes/mail.incAPI functions for processing and sending e-mail.
drupal/includes/menu.incAPI for the Drupal menu system.
drupal/includes/module.incAPI for loading and interacting with Drupal modules.
drupal/includes/pager.incFunctions to aid in presenting database results as a set of pages.
drupal/includes/password.incSecure password hashing functions for user authentication.
drupal/includes/path.incFunctions to handle paths in Drupal, including path aliasing.
drupal/includes/registry.incThis file contains the code registry parser engine.
drupal/includes/session.incUser session handling functions.
drupal/includes/stream_wrappers.incDrupal stream wrapper interface.
drupal/includes/tablesort.incFunctions to aid in the creation of sortable tables.
drupal/includes/theme.incThe theme system, which controls the output of Drupal.
drupal/includes/theme.maintenance.incTheming for maintenance pages.
drupal/includes/token.incDrupal placeholder/token replacement system.
drupal/includes/ entities, as defined in HTML 4.01.
drupal/includes/update.incDrupal database update API.
drupal/includes/updater.incClasses used for updating various files in the Drupal webroot. These classes use a FileTransfer object to actually perform the operations. Normally, the FileTransfer is provided when the site owner is redirected to authorize.php as part of a multistep…
drupal/includes/utility.incMiscellaneous functions.
drupal/includes/xmlrpc.incDrupal XML-RPC library.
drupal/includes/xmlrpcs.incProvides API for defining and handling XML-RPC requests.
drupal/index.phpThe PHP page that serves all page requests on a Drupal installation.
drupal/INSTALL.mysql.txtCREATE THE MySQL DATABASE -------------------------- This step is only necessary if you don't already have a database set up (e.g., by your host). In the following examples, 'username' is an example MySQL user which has the CREATE and…
drupal/INSTALL.pgsql.txtCREATE THE PostgreSQL DATABASE ------------------------------ Note that the database must be created with UTF-8 (Unicode) encoding. 1. CREATE DATABASE USER This step is only necessary if you don't already have a user set up (e.g., by …
drupal/install.phpInitiates a browser-based installation of Drupal.
drupal/INSTALL.sqlite.txtSQLITE REQUIREMENTS ------------------- To use SQLite with your Drupal installation, the following requirements must be met: Server has PHP 5.2 or later with PDO, and the PDO SQLite driver must be enabled. SQLITE DATABASE…
drupal/INSTALL.txtCONTENTS OF THIS FILE --------------------- * Requirements and notes * Optional server requirements * Installation * Building and customizing your site * Multisite configuration * More information REQUIREMENTS AND…
drupal/LICENSE.txtGNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2, June 1991 Copyright (C) 1989, 1991 Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies of this…
drupal/MAINTAINERS.txtDrupal core is maintained by the community. To participate, go to The people listed here have agreed to do more quality assurance work for particular areas of Drupal. All of them are subject to change. Branch…
drupal/modules/aggregator/aggregator-feed-source.tpl.phpDefault theme implementation to present the source of the feed.
drupal/modules/aggregator/aggregator-item.tpl.phpDefault theme implementation to format an individual feed item for display on the aggregator page.
drupal/modules/aggregator/aggregator-summary-item.tpl.phpDefault theme implementation to present a linked feed item for summaries.
drupal/modules/aggregator/aggregator-summary-items.tpl.phpDefault theme implementation to present feeds as list items.
drupal/modules/aggregator/aggregator-wrapper.tpl.phpDefault theme implementation to wrap aggregator content.
drupal/modules/aggregator/aggregator.admin.incAdmin page callbacks for the aggregator module.