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ActionsFunctions that perform an action on a certain system object.
Automatic interface translation import
Batch operationsFunctions allowing forms processing to be spread out over several page requests, thus ensuring that the processing does not get interrupted because of a PHP timeout, while allowing the user to receive feedback on the progress of the ongoing operations.
Blog API updates from 5.x to 6.x
Content markersMarkers used by theme_mark() and node_mark() to designate content.
Database abstraction layerAllow the use of different database servers using the same code base.
Default theme implementationsFunctions and templates that present output to the user, and can be implemented by themes.
Extra database logging updates for 6.x
Extra openid updates for 6.x
Extra statistics updates for 6.x
Extra system updates for 5.x
Extra system updates for 6.x
File interfaceCommon file handling functions.
Filtering functionsFunctions for interacting with the content filtering system.
Form builder functionsFunctions that build an abstract representation of a HTML form.
Form generationFunctions to enable the processing and display of HTML forms.
FormattingFunctions to format numbers, strings, dates, etc.
Functions to coordinate long-running operations across requests.In most environments, multiple Drupal page requests (a.k.a. threads or processes) will execute in parallel. This leads to potential conflicts or race conditions when two requests execute the same code at the same time. A common example of this is a…
Hook implementations for user-created content types.
HooksAllow modules to interact with the Drupal core.
HTTP handlingFunctions to properly handle HTTP responses.
Image toolkitsDrupal's image toolkits provide an abstraction layer for common image file manipulations like scaling, cropping, and rotating. The abstraction frees module authors from the need to support multiple image libraries, and it allows site…
Input validationFunctions to validate user input.
Language addition and editing functionality
Language addition API.
Language deletion functionality
Language negotiation options screen
Language overview functionality
List of predefined languages
Locale updates from 5.x to 6.x
Menu flagsFlags for use in the "type" attribute of menu items.
Menu item typesDefinitions for various menu item types.
Menu status codesStatus codes for menu callbacks.
Menu systemDefine the navigation menus, and route page requests to code based on URLs.
Menu tree parametersParameters for a menu tree.
Node access rightsThe node access system determines who can do what to which nodes.
Pager piecesTheme functions for customizing pager elements.
Private update status cache systemWe specifically do NOT use the core cache API for saving the fetched data about available updates. It is vitally important that this cache is only cleared when we're populating it after successfully fetching new available update data. Usage of…
Schema APIA Drupal schema definition is an array structure representing one or more tables and their related keys and indexes. A schema is defined by hook_schema(), which usually lives in a modulename.install file.
Search interfaceThe Drupal search interface manages a global search mechanism.
Standard filtersFilters implemented by the filter.module.
String search functions.
System updates from 5.x to 6.x
Translation (template) export API.
Translation delete interface.
Translation export screen.
Translation import API.
Translation import screen.
Translation overview screen.
Translation search screen.