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7 uc_store.api.php hook_uc_store_status()

Adds status messages to the "Store administration" page.

This hook is used to add items to the store status table on the main store administration screen. Each item gets a row in the table that consists of a status icon, title, and description. These items should be used to give special instructions, notifications, or indicators for components of the cart enabled by the modules. At a glance, a store owner should be able to look here and see if a critical component of your module is not functioning properly.

For example, if the catalog module is installed and it cannot find the catalog taxonomy vocabulary, it will show an error message here to alert the store administrator.

Return value

An array of store status items which are arrays with the following keys:

  • status: "ok", "warning", or "error" depending on the message.
  • title: The title of the status message or module that defines it.
  • desc: The description; can be any message, including links to pages and forms that deal with the issue being reported.

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2 invocations of hook_uc_store_status()


ubercart/uc_store/uc_store.api.php, line 124
Hooks provided by the Store module.


function hook_uc_store_status() {
  if ($key = uc_credit_encryption_key()) {
    $statuses[] = array(
      'status' => 'ok', 
      'title' => t('Credit card encryption'), 
      'desc' => t('Credit card data in the database is currently being encrypted.'),
  return $statuses;